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4 Ways to Socially Say Thanks to Customers

Thanksgiving often inspires visions of gravy boats, Black Friday deals, and racing between airline gates. In the midst of the mania, you can easily focus your efforts on helping customers increase their credit limits. After all, ’tis the season to be spending, right?

Thanks Requires Giving

Customers are used to brands taking their currency in exchange for goods and services, particularly in heavy shopping seasons like the swiftly approaching holidays. Wouldn’t it be amazing for your brand to flip a switch and give thanks to your patrons?

There’s no better time to remember the actual name of the next holiday, Thanksgiving, and do just that. Here are four ways you can give to your customers and stand out from your competitors during high spending seasons.

1. Invite Customers to a List or Group

VIP, Gold, Elite… so many words and acronyms describe groups of customers which are in some way special to a business. Status comes along with the perks, and you can accomplish this same effect by creating a unique gathering place for select clients.

Here are some ideas:

  • On Facebook, create an invitation-only Group focused around a specific product or service and welcome a smaller selection of customers to join and participate.
  • On Twitter, build a List of customers who have positively mentioned your brand. Get creative with the List name so they feel appreciated and acknowledged for their social messaging efforts.
  • On Pinterest, set up a Board where you share Pins from customers’ Boards (ones which don’t compete with your products & services, but which highlight your ideal patrons’ ideas and trends).
Hillary Clinton shimmy GIF (image)
It feels good when your post gets shared out.

2. Share and Retweet an Update

Social media is called that because we share what we want to show off. Your customers love to offer their opinions and experiences to the masses, so getting reshared or retweeted by other handles is worthy of a Hillary Clinton shimmy.

By lending your Klout score to a customer’s post or tweet, you can show them you care about their views as well as their social image. Before you add your brand to their message, however, make sure you do your due diligence by checking their social profiles for any red flags.

3. Publicize a Testimonial or Review

Online reviews are YUGE for your brand’s credibility. With over half of purchasers ages 18-34 trusting online reviews more than the opinions of friends and family, you want to show off your positive reviews and prompt customers for more.

An excellent way to accomplish both is to take a review farther by turning it into a testimonial story. Contact a positive reviewer for your brand and ask if you can get the bigger picture about why they sought out your service; usually you’ll encounter details which help the rest of your audience identify with the need which led to a purchase.

Your best customers are tremendous for your brand.

4. Treat Them Like They’re Tremendous

The term may be overused in the last several months of news cycles, but “tremendous” is a great way to think of your best customers. You know the ones: they come back for repeat business, they pay on time, and they talk you up through reviews and social media posts.

While the easiest reaction to a positive post by a great customer might be to give it a solid like and move on, you can go above and beyond. Once a quarter, take a deeper dive and find out what else that prize customer is sharing on social media. Are they going through a major life event? Celebrating a milestone? Preparing for a challenge?

If you recognize an opportunity to treat your customer to an unexpected benefit or message, take it! Send them an ecard, link them to a discount, or offer to share in their experience by giving from your generosity. There are so many ways to freely or affordably maximize on a great customer-brand relationship if you find the timely opening to do so.

‘Tis the Season…

These are just a few ways you can truly give in the realm of thanks this season. What are some ways your business or brand has looked beyond the currency of our times and capitalized on good, old-fashioned kindness?