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Additives and Preservatives (the Human Kind)

Relax. I know hardly anything about nutrition except “too many carbs bad, organic good,” so that’s not where we’re going today. I’d rather talk about human nature once again and how two words which are negatives in the dietary realm can be desirable traits in the mortal coils we all occupy.

Summer tends to be a season overwhelmed by activity. You should see my Google calendars (all five of them), overlaying each other with color-coding and alerts so I can try to keep everything straight. There’s rarely a day now where something extra isn’t going on, or when I’m not feeling a bit stressed or spread a bit thin.

That said, I just had a solid week. Each day consisted of interactions with people who I feel very fortunate to have in my circles. Coworkers were dedicated, fun, and made the hours go by faster. Family members were supportive, fun, honest, and dramatic (you know where I get it!). Friends were patient, fun, dedicated, and open about their own successes and challenges.

In the wake of about 72 hours of constant interaction with these people, I realized what kind of wake I want to leave behind. I want my people to leave our interaction feeling that I just contributed something to their life. Whether that’s a new joke or insight, or possibly a feeling of warmth or reassurance – or even a slightly uncomfortable truth – that kind of additive is what I hope to permeate my people with.

Along the same vein, maintaining these relationships is a constant struggle. Remember the five Google calendars? I’m thinking of creating a sixth just for cultivation of relationships (or at least its own color code). While I have a fairly wide circle of influencers in my life, the net of closer, more vital connections is smaller. I hope to coalesce the former along adequately; I need the latter to thrive if I can help it. Thus I commit to being a preservative in my tighter circles with all the gusto I can muster.

See? Told you this had nothing to do with food. And if you’re feeling like I’ve been light on the additives and/or preservatives in our relationship…


(No, really, come at me. I’d love to hear from you!)