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And the Oscar goes to… Your Social Media Manager

Line the red carpet, show off the evening formals, and watch your step as you ascend the stage to receive your award.

Accepting award
We’ve all imagined our own speech on the award show of our life, right?

So many great performances go unnoticed, from Hollywood to our circles. In your business, you have your own brand of performer which you may not realize deserves the highest honors and recognition for being great at their craft.

With that in mind, we have an announcement…

The Winner of your own “Best” category is… your Social Media Manager!

If you’re confused as to why this particular role deserves such high praise and recognition, let’s count the reasons why you really should love them.

Best Actor for Being “You” Online

When your organization or brand has a presence on social media, typically one person or small group of people are entrusted with the task of representing you—as a whole—online. Each reply and comment by your Social Media Manager requires them to drop their own persona and slip into the being you wish to be presented to your audiences. The skill needed for this transformation is crucial to your social media success, yet is often forgotten.

Social Media Manager - writing your words online | Really Social
So much magic happens at the hands of your Social Media Manager.

Best Screenplay for Wielding Your Words

Before your brand even posts online, the message must first be crafted deliberately and with the proper tone. Guess who takes up the pen and makes it mightier than the sword? Your Social Media Manager is often the writer as well as the publisher of your words online—a heavy burden to bear since destroying an online identity takes mere seconds in today’s breakneck-paced social media feeds.

Best Visual Effects for Your Viewers

If you skim through your own social media feeds, you know images and videos make a message sing. Your brand wants the same quality to attract your audience’s eyeballs, right? Your Social Media Manager is also your very own graphic designer, video professional, and meme creator as the need arises. With each social media platform needing custom image sizes, your visual effects department should be in good hands.

What other Best categories does your Social Media Manager deserve?

If you need resources for your brand’s social media presence, you know where to go.