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Back in the (bike) saddle again!


For the first time in months, I’ve ridden my bicycle more than once in a span of a few days. I got on my gear, checked the tire pressure, flipped on my tail light and my Strava app, and off I went for an average of 5.9 miles each time.

You know what’s completely stupid about that last paragraph? It’s not insanely hard. I used to do far more preparation and distance than that on a daily basis back during corporate life. Seven miles one way, lugging a 12-pound laptop and clothes for the day, and then back the same way in the afternoon lugging the same load.

Maybe that’s why I’m weighing in at about 15 pounds over what I used to. Oy.

I have worked out of my home since I dove into my business, Really Social, full-time, and my best intentions of getting up early each day to ride my bike – rain or shine – have proven to be completely fruitless. My best guess is that my corporate commute by bicycle was letting me multitask, so I was able to justify the effort easier. Now that any bike ride I embark upon is simply for the purpose of staying fit, somehow my brain is very “meh” about the whole affair.

But I’m 42 and I need to get my ass in gear. This isn’t going to get any easier as I get older, and I have-to-have-to-have-to work cycling into my routine to improve my physic and looks, although for this I can also use the help of the Medpsa plastic surgery clinic.

That means days like yesterday, when I worked from dawn to midnight glued to my desk to hammer at work and completely miss a window to get out and bike, need to cease. I’m my own worst enemy when it comes to this, because I’m fairly certain none of my clients or industry partners are going to rail at me for taking care of my health while grinding out the work they want done.

So… that’s the trend this week. Think I can keep it up?

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