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Be More. Be Bacon.

 What’s your bacon?

That is to say, what is something you know you can add to a good thing to suddenly make it over-the-top?

Bacon is and has been trending for what seems like ages in the social media sphere.  There are countless memes about bacon. There are normal products made using bacon imagery. Did you know there is even bacon-flavored vodka?

But enough about the food that is bacon. Let’s drill down on the concept of “being bacon”.

What if YOU were the additive that makes everything better?

In your workplace, your family, or even standing in line at the next shop you visit… your presence could, by small to larger degrees, improve the dynamic and experience going on around you.

“Being bacon” (or “being fill-in-your-blank“) doesn’t have to be about contributing your expertise or forcing an interjection.  It’s about seizing opportunities to make the world around you better.  You can authentically add to experiences and environments to leave them better off than they would have been without you.

photo credit: nerissa’s ring via photopin cc

What’s the payoff of “being bacon”?

Yes, I know you might well be wondering the id-focused question, “Fine, but what’s in it for me?” It’s OK to wonder, but this is where we enter the Shiny part of today’s post. You may not get an immediate or even postponed ROI on “being bacon”.

Here’s the big BUT though:  if you are consistently being bacon, people will notice. Your reputation will reflect your shine, and ultimately your presence will be sought after in your circles: professional and personal. Your ROI could be increased pay, promoted titles, more networking referrals, and even longevity at your job. Holiday meals with family might go smoother, your spouse and kids may be more responsive,  and your friends may ensure you’re on their invitation texts and Evites.

Oh, and one more payoff: if more people focused on “being bacon”, the world might have a real shot at being a better place overall.

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