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Facebook Mobile Adds a Special Font Style to Text-Only Posts

Like to scroll through Facebook on your phone? You’ll see that Facebook has made a change (you can almost feel my shocked face through the screen) and it has to do with font size for text-only posts.

Text-Only Posts Got a Touch-Up

Facebook Text-Only Post Screenshot | Really Social
Facebook has tweaked their Text-Only Posts for mobile (Android app screenshot shown).

Any post appearing in your feed which doesn’t have an image, video, or link included now appears to be in a larger, slightly different font than other posts.

If you post with a link, image, or video associated with your text, your post will appear as it always has… for now. While the Android app for Facebook Mobile is showing this change, I’d love to hear from iPhone users if you are seeing the same. (Comment below with your updates!)

How does this affect you?

For personal users? Not much. A text-only post now has a little oomph to stand out amid the rest of your feed and all of the visuals there.

Since adding a visual or even a link takes a step or two more than just typing/swyping out some text, your friends who want to share a stand-alone thought now have help being seen.

For brands and companies which use Facebook for marketing, this is an interesting development. (Emphasis on the word development, as this could be a stage of a Facebook rollout we have yet to discover.) It all boils down to a change to Facebook’s algorithm—that complex formula they use to determine what you see most often in your feed).

At the start of 2014, Techcrunch and just about every other social media observer of note spread the news that a change to Facebook’s Newsfeed algorithm would decrease the reach of text-only posts by Facebook Pages while increasing the reach of text-only posts by personal users. Why? Because they found that Facebook users would usually share more on Facebook when they saw more text-only posts by friends.

What’s next?

I don’t know yet, nor do I know if this phenomena will mean anything new or different for Facebook Pages and their administrators. I do know that I just tested a text-only post from the Really Social Facebook Page, and I have yet to see it appear in my personal Newsfeed.

Needless to say, the font tweak for text-only definitely caused my eyebrow to reach for my hairline. You can rest assured we’ll discuss this in the Laugh & Learn Blab series for this week; your thoughts and predictions are invited!