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Finding the Right Balance of Self-Promotion in Your Marketing

Find Your Balance

Are you trying to promote your business but don’t want to risk sounding too arrogant or pushy? It can be really tricky to find the perfect balance between growing your network and bragging about your expertise. Read our 4 step guide to Finding the Right Balance of Self-Promotion in Your Marketing:

Show how you are a valuable contributor

Rather than telling people about how skilled or talented you are in your given field, show potential customers how you can add value to their life. Naturally, people want to know what you can provide that they wouldn’t be able to either do themselves or find someone else to do for them. So it’s important that you show them why they need you rather than explaining all of your credentials.

Be consistent

By having a consistent presence on marketing platforms, you are able to build up your credentials. So when the time comes that you need to sell something, your followers will be more willing to respond. Nobody wants to be overly bombarded with sales pitches but if you have a presence outside of sales, people will enjoy and engage with your brand.

Set limits to avoid burning out

No entrepreneur is capable of marketing their business all of the time so it’s important to set boundaries to avoid over exertion. That also goes for your potential customers. You should not be constantly pushing out sales pitches on all of your marketing platforms because then you will not only burn yourself out but your potential customers as well. Marketing posts should be 80% educational, pragmatic, and entertaining; and only 20% sales pitches. This will keep your followers engaged while also promoting your value.

Build up your Network Without the Sole Intention of Increasing business

It is always useful to expand your network not only for the sake of increasing sales but also for the sake of potential partnerships down the line, so is useful to have different types of marketing from online techniques to the use of bulk water bottles to promote your brand. If you create valuable relationships, you will be more likely to have positive engagement down the line when you try to sell a big project. Your network will already trust you and will be more willing to recommend your business to their friends.