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Helping via Hashtag: #LetsLivestream

Starting today, there’s a new Twitter chat in your Wednesday timeline. I’m proud to introduce


It all began…

…a few months ago when I started up my weekly Blab show, Laugh & Learn. While I adore Blab, Twitter is still my daily go-to social media platform. Part of my leaning toward the tool of 140 character limits comes from these awesome, lively conversations known as Twitter Chats.

Starting last fall, I began to dip my toe into a few Twitter Chats in an effort to learn more from social media influencers and increase my engagement. Dipping ultimately turned into full submersion as I tweeted full throttle in chats like #ViralChat, #MediaChat, #SocialRoadTrip, #InfluencerChat, and a few others.

Recognizing a need.

As I dedicated more effort into livestreaming video, I noticed that there really weren’t any Twitter Chats dedicated to the topic. Sure, they’d come up based on a guest or isolated weekly topic in an existing Chat, but Twitter didn’t seem to have a home for a dedicated conversation about livestreaming.

Now, let me pause a moment and voice what you might be thinking: Rachel, it’s livestreaming video. Twitter doesn’t natively host livestreaming video, though it will display a live Periscope broadcast. So why would a Twitter Chat about livestreaming video be relevant?

I hear you. That, in addition to the commitment of time and energy it would take to get a Twitter Chat started, all seemed like great reasons to sit back and let someone else figure it out.

Oh, and one more thing: have you ever searched for hashtags including words like “live” and “video?” If you do, make sure you’re not on a computer where browsing history will matter.

Taking a leap.

This brings us to a few weeks ago when another Twitter Chat came on to the scene: #ChatSnap. I recall seeing the promotions for it and learning about how its host, Kristy Gillentine, was encouraged by our mutual friend Madalyn Sklar to “just go for it!” She did, and #ChatSnap has been a resounding success: filling a need by taking a leap.

That was it for me. I’m an entrepreneur, and a lover of change, which means pulling the trigger doesn’t take much prompting. A week ago, I decided to “go for it” and today will be the first of many #LetsLivestream Twitter Chats (Wednesdays, 3pm ET).

Want to save your livestream video for other uses? Click on the tool icon below to see a short how-to video.

Snapchat for Really Social
Periscope for Really Social
Facebook for Really Social
Blab for Really Social

Is there anything you’ve been wanting to do but just aren’t sure if you should take the first step? Share it in a comment below; you may be surprised at how the reasons why outnumber the reasons why not.