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Your cheat code to beat every boss level in your marketing career.

marketingXP podcast

marketingXP podcast

Each <15 minute episode covers a single marketing topic and shares a useful tech/tool every marketer needs. Your host, Rachel Moore, brings an irreverent attitude and 15 years of integrated marketing experience into your earbuds to help you level up your expertise. Plus, prepare for tons of gaming references.

PowerUps (via Patreon)

Every episode and topic of the marketingXP podcast comes with its own PowerUp: an executive-ready presentation slide you can download, repurpose, and Frankenstein into your own showcase of expertise. Plus PowerUp Players get exclusive invitations to each livestream recording of the podcast to ask questions in real time.

New marketingXP episodes are recorded in a live broadcast through LinkedIn, Twitch, and YouTube. Follow on your favorite app to join the stream and ask questions in real time!