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marketingXP Podcast

This podcast is your cheat code for beating all boss levels in your marketing career. With snackable episodes, possibly tacky titles, and helpful PowerUps, your next campaign can put you at the top of the leaderboards.


Alt Text is Sexy Marketing

In this episode of marketingXP—Alt Text is Sexy Marketing—Rachel talks about why an image without alt text is really just empty foreplay in your marketing. Listen to the episode for the three ways to make time for alt text in your…

Welcome to Your (Web) House Party

In this episode of marketingXP—Welcome to Your (Web) House Party—Rachel shares how building your website can be just like building the most epic house party ever! Listen to the episode for the three fundamental building blocks of…

Smelling Our Own Farts

In this episode of marketingXP—Smelling Our Own Farts—Rachel calls marketers out for being too focused on our slick messaging while ignoring what our audiences really need. Get three tactics to fix this flatulence trend and share…