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Who’s Who? Melody Jones, that’s who!

February’s Who’s Who in Social Media led us to learn about Melody Jones, owner of Social Media Marketing Services and founder of Colorado Women in Social Media.

For a few choice moments from our Blab interview, read on. For the whole thing, scroll down.

RM (Rachel Moore): Let’s hear the elevator speech about yourself. Introduce!

MJ (Melody Jones): “I am known as your ‘social media aspirin.’ My job is to take away the pain of social media, and I do that for my clients in a variety of ways. One of the biggest ways: I reduce and alleviate pain by managing their social media for them. I have done some coaching online, which also reduces the pain some people feel when it comes to social media.”

RM: You aren’t simply over your own business; you’re affiliated with Colorado Women in Social Media. Can you expound on how you began that group?

MJ: “One day I was lonely and typing along on my computer by myself, as we often are in our worlds, and feeling dissatisfied greatly with the networking opportunities out there. Standard networking groups weren’t really doing it for me. I realized I knew a few women in my world who worked in social media. Couldn’t we get together and provide that relationship piece I’m missing and which would have a little different focus than other standard networking groups?

That idea popped into my head in fall 2014 and I threw out a couple feelers. I got instant interest; I was astounded by how quickly people wanted to join!”

RM: What do you bring to the table that differentiates you from other social media marketers?

MJ: “When it comes to my micro-niche, I work with authors. I am myself a published author, which means I know a few things about the publishing business. I have many connections in the self-publishing arena here in Denver. That’s the difference I bring for authors is that I have many connections and the personal knowledge to write and to be an author.”

And the thing that makes Melody absolutely crazy?

MJ: “In the Twitter world what drives me crazy is auto-DMs. I get them every day and they come across as disingenuous. They’re so not authentic, you can tell they’re automated, and they clutter up my DM inbox. Quit sending those.”

Amen, sister.

Don’t stop here! Watch the entire interview below, and tune in each week to our Laugh & Learn Blab series for the latest in social media.