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New Eyeballs, and Alan Rickman.

My husband and I have joked since we got married that he should be newly dubbed The Six Million Dollar Man.

We can rebuild him; we have the technology.

Since our wedding day, he has had braces (which fixed not only his teeth alignment but also a split along the roof of his mouth), a varicose vein removed that is probably on display at a medical university somewhere due to its statistical importance, a wake-up call from his physician which led to him losing a good 30 pounds and feeling far more fit, and a vastly improved vision plan allowing him some nicer spectacles and prescription sunglasses.

Well, as of this morning, scratch the need for that last.  Mr. Rachel has gone under the laser and has now emerged with his new set of eyeballs.  Once he recovers (if all goes as hoped), he should enjoy vision without the need of glasses or contacts.

Hang on a sec.  I really have to take pause and imagine this.  See, I have never needed glasses for general vision needs.  I got a pair a couple of years ago to assist me during the copious hours I gaze deeply into a computer monitor, but I have no need to squint or focus in on anything if I want to take a gander.  My husband, on the other hand, can’t see me or anything else very well if he removes his glasses.  He has to wear goggles or Rx sunglasses to go bike riding.  He has to deal with fog on his lenses in different weather.  He has even gone through a travesty of an ER visit after inserting a contact lens which happened to have a trace of Bactine on it from the lens case’s prior use.  Ouch.

But that all ends today!  Can you imagine getting something like that???  And even more so, can you fathom that our technology has led us to this point where body parts can be made better, new or even get replaced?  It’s flippin’ AMAZING!

So here’s to technology.  To Flexible Spending Account dollars which can pay for this procedure.  To the new world my husband will get to see starting this week.  And in the spirit of more current media, I can’t wait to tell him in my best (ha) Alan Rickman impersonation:  “You gandered, sir.  You gandered.”  It sounds way cooler to us than a reference to Lee Majors, doesn’t it?