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Quickly, London.

Day Two of our We’re 40! adventure in the UK was our only full day in London on this particular trip. It went by far too quickly!

What I Saw

For lunch, my husband had arranged for us to eat at a pub about 10 minutes from our hotel. In what became our trademark style, we made about two wrong turns before arriving at the Anglesea Arms. We chose a patio seat for our lunch, from where we could enjoy the mild weather and street views.

Former residence of Charles Dickens

A placard on the stone patio wall directed us to the residence across the street. Apparently Charles Dickens resided at No. 11!

What I Ate

I realized with this post I need to follow the ways of the foodie and take more pictures of meals, if for no other reason than to prove I’m not relying solely upon liquor to sustain me through my travels.

A tasty breakfast in bed: grapes & smoked cheddar

We’ve been using local grocers and our room’s mini-fridge to plan our breakfasts. This morning I enjoyed grapes and smoked cheese, as well as some tastes of cured meats. When combined with the coffee, it was a delightful repast.

What I Learned

Big Ben at Westminster Abbey

Londoners walk fast. We made our way to Westminster before 9am and thus were in the very midst of a weekday morning commute. I discovered the feeling other shoppers at American malls must have when I zoom around them as they saunter when I wish to sprint. As we walked the paths and ways around Parliament and the Abbey (which, as it turned out, was not conducting tours today), my main goal was to enjoy the sights while staying out of the way of the residents zooming quickly by.

More to come, as we continue our travels north to Edinburgh. If you’d like to see more pictures, visit my Instagram profile.