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Learn to Love LinkedIn with Rachel

LinkedIn is Rachel’s favorite social app, and soon you’ll see why it should be yours, too.

“The app that comes to your career rescue”

For 17 years, Rachel has built her profile, her network, and thus her professional power with the social app we know as LinkedIn. While other, possibly sexier, apps have dominated the top downloads spot for mobile users, LinkedIn is the social media tool that Rachel relies on through the peaks and valleys of her career. While you can still adore Instagram or TikTok or YouTube with all of your heart, there’s room in your life for success via LinkedIn.

Work with Rachel on your LinkedIn presence

Screenshot of Rachel Moore's LinkedIn profile via mobile app
Rachel Moore’s LinkedIn profile as viewed on the mobile app.

Help your profile help you

There is a lot more to completely filling out your LinkedIn profile than a profile picture and adding your job experience. You’ll be surprised at how many features are waiting for you to fill them out so they can start passively working for you on LinkedIn. Rachel knows all the secrets and can help you take your profile from anemic to astounding.

Gain LinkedIn influence

Becoming known for your LinkedIn presence is far easier than you might think, and most of it rests on how much effort you put into engaging on the app.

Rachel will teach you the ways of publishing posts that get reactions, comments, and shares. She’ll also guide you in being a good LinkedIn follow and connection through meaningful actions on other people’s profiles and posts.

Before you know it, you’ll see engagement rates on LinkedIn that would make an Instagram influencer envious.

Job search like you’re the boss

We’re way past read the job description, apply, and wait. LinkedIn is the tool recruiters use to source candidates, and the tool applicants use to turn checkers into job-finding chess.

Rachel will coach you on how to approach applying for jobs you really want to give you the best possible shot at that phone screen and beyond.

It’s about time you launched your LinkedIn to greater heights.

Rachel has a mighty network of thousands of decision makers, thought leaders, and truly excellent people. One click on the button can be your next important step to giving your LinkedIn some love!

Every week, Rachel posts a quick under-5-minute video about what’s on her mind. Take a look at @RachelHasTheMic Weekly!

Rachel puts the “in” in LinkedIn influencing.