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You Dislike It. You Really Dislike It!

As you crawl out from whatever rock you’ve been under the last few days, you’ve probably heard that Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook is working on a “Dislike” button.

Don’t Dislike It Yet…

Let’s slow our collective roll and examine what was actually revealed. Mark conveyed what many (ok, millions) of Facebook users have expressed: “I wish there was a different button than Like for this post.”

Because let’s face it: not every post should be liked. Not every post is about puppies and rainbows. As Facebook users take to their keyboards to share opinions, experiences, or the latest news, their posts may evoke a different spectrum of emotions like sadness, outrage, shock, or even grammar grimacing. (Yes, that’s a real thing.) We’ve all had those moments of sheer frustration where a post strikes us to our core—if only there was a perfectly appropriate way to respond with a quick tap of the finger!

What Would You Like… in a Facebook Button?

Let’s get crazy for a minute and delve into those stone-wall moments when we said aloud to ourselves: “If there was a _________ button, I’d so hit that right now.” What’s your wish list item for a Facebook button?

Just to get you started, here are mine:

  • “Meh”
  • “Spellcheck”
  • “See Snopes”