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Resource Partners

Social media is an industry which leads to valuable connections and partnerships. Rachel Moore has been fortunate enough to team up with incredibly talented and professional experts, and they are ready and willing to assist you with your business needs.

Doug Cohen can train people on how to do social basics, consult you to help craft a strategy, and set you on your way with a basic setup and launch. He can also provide content creation, curation and community management, and monitoring for a small business or entrepreneur.

Socially Powered helps businesses “Power Up” their online presence through social media strategy, consulting, training and management. We understand every business is unique and has different online needs. We help you determine the best platforms to grow your online presence and build relationships with your ideal clients. 
Need help with branding, email campaigns, blogging, graphic design or websites? Socially Powered has you covered and if we can’t do it we have a network of preferred partners we work with and will help guide you through that process as well. 
We develop strategies to fit your business, Socially Powered will meet your marketing needs and recognize and respect the importance of budgeting.