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There Be Dragons and SkyNet and Shiny Shoes There

the Just Trust Me marketing podcast. The words "Just Trust Me" are sliding down a bar and falling off onto hands raised up to catch them.

Show Notes

Rachel Moore and Tanya Ballard Brown explore the wild world of marketing in this episode of Just Trust Me. From a mic-breaking moment to the spectacular dragon atop the Empire State Building, they chat about the intriguing partnership between Apple and OpenAI, the WWDC, and the futuristic integration of AI into our everyday lives. Tanya considers a tempting pair of Aerosoles shoes while Rachel dives into Denver’s legendary Casa Bonita. And we’re all looking upward to the massive dragon curled around the top of the Empire State Building to celebrate Season 2 of House of the Dragon!

Show Links

⁠Apple vs. Android market share in U.S. and Global⁠

⁠ Apple’s Deal with OpenAI⁠

⁠X post about House of the Dragon atop the Empire State Building⁠

⁠Tanya’s Aerosole Shoes⁠

00:00 Cold Open

05:14 Apple Gets It On with OpenAI

20:09 Good Marketing?

36:56 We Got Got

Intro + Apple Gets It On with OpenAI

JTM S2 Ep003

[00:00:00] Cold Open

[00:00:00] Tanya Ballard Brown: I just broke the mic

[00:00:01] Rachel Moore: Oh, no.

[00:00:02] Tanya Ballard Brown: from the bottom stand thing.

[00:00:04] Rachel Moore: Boo,

[00:00:05] Tanya Ballard Brown: I’ll just hold it.

[00:00:06] Rachel Moore: You’re just gonna hold it.

[00:00:07] ​

[00:00:18] Rachel Moore: Welcome to Just Trust Me, the marketing podcast that calls out the winning and wily ways of today’s marketing. I am your host, Rachel Moore, and I’m in cahoots, usually with two fellow marketers last week. One of them was here and the other was not this week. The other one is here. Then the first one is not I’m here with, That’s right.

[00:00:37] But I’m here with Tanya Ballard Brown. Hello, my darling.

[00:00:40] Tanya Ballard Brown: I know y’all were talking junk about me last week.

[00:00:44] Rachel Moore: We just said you ghosted us, but we also figured you, you had important things going on, which you always do. So we knew it was I did. And The clock got, I just, I mean, I looked up and I was like, Oh, that, and we changed our day to record. So that’s the other thing. And so I wasn’t even thinking about it on Tuesday. And then I, when I saw the message in Slack, I was like, Oh my God,

[00:01:04] No, super fair. Your muscle had been developed for Wednesdays and then we moved to Tuesdays. And so, yeah, it all went fine. And it kind of tracks anyway. Like we said, our third partner in crime. She’s on her way to Ireland with her family.

[00:01:20] So we’re just, we were pontificating before we started recording about Ireland and UK and London and everything, but she’s going to have a blast and she should.

[00:01:28] Tanya Ballard Brown: And for a wedding too, like that’s gotta be, Like gorgeous. I just actually watched Some Lilo movie Where her she goes to Ireland and her wish is granted by somebody Anyway, it was very beautiful the pictures. The visuals of the country and the green and

[00:01:50] Rachel Moore: I mean, I would imagine going to a wedding there too, because, you know, you’re basically going to someone’s party where they’re letting you enjoy everything and all the local things she did mention. This actually correlates to marketing a little bit. She mentioned that they’re going to go to the Guinness storehouse where her husband’s looking forward to a pint right from where they make it.

[00:02:08] I will call out Guinness is genius because this was years ago, it was over a decade ago, but my husband and I, we did stop in Dublin. We went to the Guinness storehouse, but they, Guinness has a podcast that you can start listening to at the center of Dublin. And it takes you through chapters and it guides you through landmarks.

[00:02:31] On your walking path on the way to the storehouse. And

[00:02:34] Tanya Ballard Brown: that’s cool

[00:02:35] Rachel Moore: it’s so cool. Cause, and it was made for people like me, because I’m like, I don’t give a shit about Guinness because I was

[00:02:41] Tanya Ballard Brown: about to say, I’m not a, I don’t drink beer. I don’t like it and I don’t care, but I do like history. And I would take the trip and go with other people if they wanted to go and drink Guinness. So, yeah.

[00:02:53] Rachel Moore: And so, and I was very, Oh, this is my husband’s day, whatever. But that podcast reigned me in. I like, and we did, we, you learn about how the Guinness family is so integral to the history of Dublin, as well as Ireland at large. And. And you do, you just see like, Oh, now I know more about what I’m looking at.

[00:03:09] And by the time we got there, I was legit interested. I’m like, tell me more about how you make this thing. I don’t want to drink it. And I didn’t. But by the way, another quick marketing tip, if you are going, I’d bet she didn’t do this, but whoever in your family does love Guinness, make them a shirt that says, I will drink your free pint of Guinness.

[00:03:26] And then, because you get so many people like me who go and they take a sip and then you’re like, I don’t want any more. Well, you have this whole fresh pint of Guinness.

[00:03:34] Tanya Ballard Brown: Oh, the whole pint. I don’t, Oh, the pint, like in the pint glass thing,

[00:03:38] Rachel Moore: Yeah. No, like, like, yeah. Everybody.

[00:03:41] Tanya Ballard Brown: it a growler?

[00:03:42] Rachel Moore: It’s not a growler, but it’s like a full, like it’s a tall glass of Guinness.

[00:03:46] Tanya Ballard Brown: have one, I think, cause I got it for some, something that I did and they gave out. I have one of these. So yes, I know what you’re talking about. I’m sorry.

[00:03:56] Rachel Moore: No.

[00:03:57] Tanya Ballard Brown: drink beer out of it. So I don’t even, I don’t think of it. But the more you said that is reminding me that’s exactly what it was for.

[00:04:02] Rachel Moore: Yeah. It’s very, it’s a lot of beer. My husband he didn’t have a shirt, but I said, next time we go, I’m going to make you one. I bet they wouldn’t let us wear it in there. They’d probably be like, you can’t do that. Be like, well. I don’t

[00:04:14] Tanya Ballard Brown: You never know.

[00:04:15] Rachel Moore: You never know. Anyway waxing on about Guinness, but today we’re going to talk about some marketing things first thing we’re going to talk about is the WWDC what does that even stand for?

[00:04:25] I feel like such a knob. I know I looked it up, but it’s like the W, world, worldwide, see, and everybody, people I work with are probably going to be like, you’re so dumb right now. Worldwide Developers Conference. Sorry. But apparently Apple was there. And I, this was like the big talk. And it’s not just about developers.

[00:04:42] We are going to get into marketing about it. But basically Apple announced they have a partnership with OpenAI, which creates apps. So we’re going to talk a little bit about that. And then we are going to ask the question, good marketing, and we’re going to talk about dragons on the tops of buildings, particularly the Game of Thrones dragon on the Empire State Building. And then we’re gonna go to We Got Got how at least one of us fell for some wiley marketing. So we’re gonna tackle all those things while we sit over here in the United States and our friend is enjoying her flight over to Ireland.

[00:05:14] Apple Gets It On with OpenAI

[00:05:14] Rachel Moore: But, alright as far as the Worldwide Developers Conference WWDC which was last week It was, you know, everybody wants to hear what’s going on with Apple. You know, I know Apple announces a bunch of stuff all the time. The big news out of that last week regarding Apple was the partnership between OpenAI and Apple.

[00:05:33] And so, Tanya, are you an Apple or an Android?

[00:05:37] Tanya Ballard Brown: I’m all, I mean, I’m on a Mac. I have. As we’re talking, it occurs to me. I should silence my phone, my iPhone. I had already done it. Some part of my brain remembered to do it already. I have on my Apple watch, but I will say I only, I never cared one way or the other was when I was married. My ex-husband was very much into all the Apple stuff, so he just transitioned us over and I liked it.

[00:06:02] And so I’ve just stuck with it. I don’t even, I mean, I can use, android products and that such, but you know, I like Apple stuff. It’s all my stuff is Apple. So I just stick with what I know.

[00:06:14] Rachel Moore: All right, this can’t be true. I just, cause I was just Googling. My Google prompt was what percentage of consumers use Apple versus Android. One of them came up and said, Android has, and this is, can’t be right. This may, maybe it’s global 70.

[00:06:26] 69 percent of the market share. And

[00:06:28] Tanya Ballard Brown: No, that’s true.

[00:06:29] Rachel Moore: is that true?

[00:06:30] Tanya Ballard Brown: Because well, let me, yes, that is true, Rachel, because I declared it. So some part of my brain remembers. Conversation saying that Apple has all this marketing and such, but in terms of market share in other countries, particularly, I mean, and maybe their market share is growing, but previously because they didn’t you couldn’t jailbreak their things.

[00:06:53] They weren’t open

[00:06:55] source.

[00:06:55] Rachel Moore: sure.

[00:06:56] Tanya Ballard Brown: Other countries. It didn’t have the dominance in those places because I guess they just like didn’t care so much about the cachet here.

[00:07:04] Rachel Moore: Yeah. Yes. So I pulled up Google results, served me up back linko. com. But it says 2024 as of early 2024, Android had a 70. 69 percent market share worldwide in the U S though, here we go. iPhones hold a market share of 60.77%.

[00:07:21] Tanya Ballard Brown: That I can believe. I think for people who are like gamers and coders and stuff like that, they aren’t so much bothered with Apple stuff, but for the average user, the person like me, who’s just click clacking on the Slack with my friends and,

[00:07:36] Rachel Moore: That’s right.

[00:07:37] Tanya Ballard Brown: you know, I don’t even like use.

[00:07:40] I’m one of those people who has an iPhone and I don’t have music on my phone, you know, that was, I don’t want all that on my phone. My phone is for texting and saying, Hey Siri, like what kind of cherry, you know, like, I don’t know, you know what I’m saying?

[00:07:55] Rachel Moore: I’m waiting for your phone to go off. Yeah.

[00:07:58] Tanya Ballard Brown: it’s to text or whatever. I don’t use all the it’s capabilities and probably most of us don’t. And for that, Apple to me is more intuitive, you know, and I’m guessing for that might be here what gives it the cachet. But if you’re like, you know, you really, most of the people I know who don’t bother with it are people who, again, I say gamers, but also people who are techie and just know back endy kinds of stuff.

[00:08:30] And they’re like, nah, I’m good. So there you go.

[00:08:32] Rachel Moore: I was gonna say, I’m techie, but I’m not back end y. I’m an Android user, but I do, I mean, I know, especially working in social media marketing in the United States, I just run into so many people where it’s like iPhone is preferred, you know, there’s a whole like back and forth about it, but I thought it important to bring up because obviously this relates to Apple products and iPhones and a big part of it.

[00:08:50] And I do have a, well, and we’ll link to this in the show notes, but pulled up like a Forbes article about what this means. So. It says Apple announced cut a deal to use OpenAI’s chat GPT and it’s AI programs. The deal itself came at no cost to Apple and on the surface, it looks like a great deal for them.

[00:09:07] Tanya Ballard Brown: Nothing is for free. Facebook was free and then they sold all our data. You know what I’m saying? Nothing. It’s

[00:09:15] Rachel Moore: Exactly.

[00:09:17] Tanya Ballard Brown: formerly known as Twitter free. They sell your, you know, like, okay, Apple.

[00:09:25] Rachel Moore: And so what’s going to happen is on Apple devices, obviously, including iPhones You’re going to be able to query your data and shift to asking ChatGPT for information from a worldwide database of sources. So it seamlessly integrates into Siri and other services. So, but it’s the free version. So let’s clarify that.

[00:09:45] It is the free version of ChatGPT. It’s not the paid version. And OpenAI,

[00:09:48] Tanya Ballard Brown: Oh, for like cheap people like me. Cause I use the free version because I mean, I’ve used chat GPT like a handful of times. I haven’t used it enough where I see there’s any value to me and spending money on it. I’m also just cheap.

[00:10:02] Rachel Moore: Well, same. Yeah. I’m all like, I remember looking at the cost of it too. And I was like that. No I will stick

[00:10:07] Tanya Ballard Brown: I don’t even remember because I didn’t bother to look because I knew I wasn’t paying for that. But I mean, if it turned into something that I thought I was going to use regularly and consistently, I might consider it, but

[00:10:19] Rachel Moore: 20 a month.

[00:10:21] Tanya Ballard Brown: see, listen, I don’t even want to play pay for iCloud,

[00:10:24] you know, like for years I was an early Spotify adopter, right?

[00:10:29] I just started paying for it in like 2021 because they gave me a free thing. For months and months. And then I was like, Oh, I actually like the paid,

[00:10:40] Rachel Moore: Yeah.

[00:10:41] Tanya Ballard Brown: you know, the things I have on the paid version and I broke down and started paying them for this service, but I am a freeloader, sorry, world,

[00:10:51] Rachel Moore: Ha.

[00:10:52] Tanya Ballard Brown: You’re me a option, I will make it do what I need for it to do and whatever else it can do.

[00:10:59] I don’t know. So I’m not, what am I losing? I don’t even know.

[00:11:03] Rachel Moore: I know exactly. And I’m the same way. Didn’t want to pay for it. So it is the free version that’ll be available integrated as what Apple is called, calling Apple intelligence, which I just, someone pointed out today, open AI, Apple intelligence, little playoff, the acronym there and so, but here’s the trade off for open AI, they now have.

[00:11:22] Tanya Ballard Brown: I opt out of this? Do I have to? I mean, is it like on my device no matter what I want?

[00:11:29] Rachel Moore: Let’s see. It’s, they made it very simple to move from querying one’s data and shift asking chatGPT for information

[00:11:37] Tanya Ballard Brown: The intern,

[00:11:38] Rachel Moore: is not liking that.

[00:11:39] Tanya Ballard Brown: the intern is raising a hue and cry about this. I

[00:11:44] Rachel Moore: That’s right. She’s like, no.

[00:11:46] Tanya Ballard Brown: I took away all the distractions and yet,

[00:11:49] Rachel Moore: Yep. She’s like, nah. So another aspect of this, Apple got OpenAI to agree not to log any of Apple customers queries without asking permission so it protects privacy. So, there seems like, I’m sure that comes with some

[00:12:04] Tanya Ballard Brown: did you hear me teeth suck?

[00:12:07] Rachel Moore: Yes, the ASMR like, no, that’s my reaction. That’s your good reaction because it’s like, sure, sure.

[00:12:13] It, it was interesting to me to hear about this too, because knowing what you just said, Apple does have that security aspect to their devices where harder to hack, probably definitely not possible, but you’re more

[00:12:24] Tanya Ballard Brown: Harder, but not impossible for sure.

[00:12:26] Rachel Moore: Your privacy and your data and all that stuff.

[00:12:29] Meanwhile, yes. Let me go incorporate chat GPT and we’ve all seen that run amok. I mean, I think we talked about, don’t go to chat GPT and say, Hey write a press release for me about the secret thing that’s happening at my company in like four weeks, and now it’s part of chat GPT data and it’s no longer a secret.

[00:12:49] So. Mixed bag. Yeah, but I love your point. You asked right at the gate. Can I opt out of it? I don’t know. Like, maybe? Probably? Maybe you have to like, you have to, you know, switch over and say, yes, I, I now want to look at chat GPT and I imagine you’re probably not going to do that. Yeah.

[00:13:06] Tanya Ballard Brown: Science it’s probably, they’re probably going to make it an opt out thing that way. Everybody has it and they accomplish their goal and you have to, cause most people are just slightly too lazy to be bothered. And so they’ll probably make it an opt out thing. Now, hopefully there’ll be very transparent about that.

[00:13:24] And so those of us who are like always, you know, skeptical

[00:13:29] And looking squinty eyed, like,

[00:13:32] Rachel Moore: Side I raised eyebrow. Yeah.

[00:13:39] Tanya Ballard Brown: at this point, I mean, you do the best you can, but I just, it does get tiresome too, because it feels like you’re being hit from every. Right. To get your data, which, okay. But why that matters is because financial information and other stuff is out there and people, the dark web and people stealing your stuff and, you know, making problems for you.

[00:14:02] And so,

[00:14:03] Rachel Moore: Yeah, well, and I want to bring it up too, because I mean, just today might as well be every day. I think anyone working in marketing has the AI conversation all the time. Nowadays, I mean, not only. Are you probably talking about how do we tie in our stuff to AI? How do we, I mean, dude, I know from what your work is.

[00:14:21] My work’s the same where it’s like, how can we crowbar? We love to use that term in here. Crowbar AI, crowbar this thing into this thing from an SEO standpoint. Yeah. And I’ve seen so many memes and posts mocking that truth truthfully, where it’s like everybody trying to figure out how to. Figure out AI and get it into your, get it into your content.

[00:14:42] But on the flip side, from a content creation standpoint I definitely use AI and I don’t use chat to PT, but I use an AI tool which is more premium and something our company, you know, or that my clients pay for, I pay for Descript, which has AI tools in it. I use it to edit things like this podcast.

[00:14:59] And so does Elizabeth, but but it will do things for you, get you from blank page, right. To get you to say, Hey not only can I get you from blank page and brainstorm with you, but you can also say, Hey, but can you. Brainstorm with me. If I give you a link as a source, I want. A social post about this particular blog at a link.

[00:15:16] Can you give that to me? And it will do it. So, I’m curious too about the marketing aspect of it. A from, you know, Apple, obviously from a tech and marketing standpoint saying, Hey, we’re going in on AI and here’s what we’re doing using this very well known, you know, AI resource out there that just about everybody knows.

[00:15:32] It’s a household name. So now we’ve got two household names in their cahoots.

[00:15:37] Tanya Ballard Brown: Thing. I mean, you do point out because like Google Googling something like that’s a term, you know, it was the company’s name. It became a term and the same thing for chat GPT. I think a lot of people. Anything AI related is chat GPT, right? Even if it has nothing to do with chat GPT that they did something AI.

[00:16:01] So it was chat. Oh, they, oh, they chat G they use chat GPT, or they’re going to do the chat GPT or be, Oh, what about the chat? The chat thing,

[00:16:10] Rachel Moore: or let’s get on a zoom, even though you might be getting on a Google meet or something. It’s like, Nope, I’m going to get on a zoom

[00:16:16] Tanya Ballard Brown: Exactly. Exactly. Just how some of those things. People adopt them to describe the act, the, they adopt the company name, the brand name to it, to talk about the action that brand performed.

[00:16:33] Rachel Moore: No, exactly. So, so it’s interesting all around. I’m looking forward to see how it plays out. You know, and there’s all this conjecture about it. I guess, you know, you brought up X, Elon Musk declared if Apple integrated open AI at the OS level, then Apple devices would banded all of my companies.

[00:16:50] And I’m like, good luck with that. Um, Oh, I know he’s got some global sites too, but no, he’s not even paying rent anywhere. So who the fuck cares? But I just don’t even care what Elon Musk says anymore. And I’m not shy about that, but interesting. It was a bit big rage, obviously. And yeah they hit, they obviously went trendy viral with it because everybody was talking about it, but I’ll be curious to see you’ll have to report back with your Apple device and let us know what that experience is like.

[00:17:17] And if it does let you just like, no, thank you very much. For perpetuity.

[00:17:22] Tanya Ballard Brown: I just probably in the last year started getting, started using Siri more. Like I am a person And that’s because my former regular date was a Who would use Siri and Google for all the things, right. You know, but it was, but voice prompts and I’m the, was the person that’s like, let me Google that.

[00:17:46] And then I’m pecking out on my phone and I felt like an old person. So I was like, I can speak to my device. It’s right here. There’s a tool there. And I would say, you know, blah, blah, blah. And I use it more now, but I’m still, I’m not a Luddite. I don’t want to say that I’m just a little, these new technologies can be great and helpful,

[00:18:14] but we, right. And we just, I like to just see for a minute.

[00:18:19] Rachel Moore: I, we don’t have a smart speaker at our house. I don’t use Siri at all. I’ve used the Google, cause you know, Google’s got it’s own. Hey Google. I hope it doesn’t do anything. What’s

[00:18:31] Tanya Ballard Brown: why I didn’t say it because my, I was like between my phone and my watch. One of them was bound to

[00:18:37] Rachel Moore: Right. But I don’t even use that. I’m just like you and I’m Gen X. I don’t know. Maybe that’s it. Maybe I’d love to hear generationally.

[00:18:43] People will talk about like, no, we totally talk to things. I

[00:18:46] Tanya Ballard Brown: listen. No, listen. Former regular date is a boomer. So

[00:18:51] It’s you, it’s us. But that’s okay. Because we aspire to golden girl status anyway,

[00:19:01] Rachel Moore: right. That’s right. God, someday we’re going to do that

[00:19:04] Tanya Ballard Brown: right?

[00:19:04] Rachel Moore: We will do it. I just need someone to. Advertise on this one and then we’ll be fine. Yeah. So please advertise on this podcast so we can do our golden girls podcast because, and yeah, we have to do that, but yeah, any who we will, we’ll see what happens.

[00:19:18] AI is around, AI is not going anywhere. Will it take over? Will it become Skynet? Probably not today, maybe not tomorrow, but you know, Apple’s. It’s fine with it. So, but that was talking about that whole WWDC, like WWDC, Worldwide Developers Conference, which, you know, again I learned things every time on my own podcast.

[00:19:36] So I’m glad we talked about that. But we’re going to go to a break and we’ll be right back.

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[00:19:59] buttwaitthersmore. com to get started with your LinkedIn profile review. www. buttwaitthersmore. com

[00:20:09] Good Marketing?

[00:20:09] Rachel Moore: And we’re back. And now we’re going to move into the good marketing question mark talking about, and this again, originated with you, Tanya, because you started posting in our Slack channel, like, was this good marketing? Now I came across this one, but it was very timely because what show just came out this last week that everybody’s watching apparently.

[00:20:30] Tanya Ballard Brown: House of the dragons. Then, you know what? That’s not the name of that show.

[00:20:36] Rachel Moore: You just know there’s house?

[00:20:37] Tanya Ballard Brown: show! I have it cued right now because I need to watch this series again, and I, for the life of me, don’t know why my brain does not want to give you

[00:20:46] Rachel Moore: House of the

[00:20:48] Tanya Ballard Brown: Yeah, I knew it was House and Dragon was in there somewhere. House of the Dragon. Yes, House of the Dragon.

[00:20:56] Rachel Moore: Alright, and that is the prequels? Of the of the Game of Thrones saga, is that

[00:21:02] Tanya Ballard Brown: because it’s like 170 or 200 years pre Game of Thrones.

[00:21:08] Rachel Moore: Okay I know you were so nice about like saying, Rachel knows the lore of this and I laughed cause I know you’re, we have a sidebar chat going in Slack about it with our buddies and you’re like, Hey, what do you know? I’m like, Oh my God. I, this goes back to Ireland

[00:21:22] Tanya Ballard Brown: I knew it was somebody else in that channel that had a deeper

[00:21:26] Rachel Moore: Yeah, it wasn’t me. It wasn’t me. The, my knowledge stops. Like I, I literally, I was going to, I went to Belfast for a work trip and a coworker of mine said, Hey, we’re going to go on a game of thrones tour on the last day. Want to go? And I said, sure. So in about 14 days, I used emails to sign up for free access to whatever, I guess it was HBO or whatever that would let me watch you know, seven day trial.

[00:21:51] I burned, I got through as much of the series as I could. Of the TV show. I had,

[00:21:56] Tanya Ballard Brown: days. How far was that?

[00:21:58] Rachel Moore: I got, oh gosh, where did I get? I,

[00:22:02] Tanya Ballard Brown: Did you ever finish the series?

[00:22:04] didn’t. finish?

[00:22:05] Rachel Moore: No, I didn’t. And I didn’t finish the books either. I did read the books up through part of the fourth book. And, but that’s see,

[00:22:11] Tanya Ballard Brown: I didn’t even bother with the books, but you know what? I don’t, I’m not into like fantasy books. I don’t mind the fantasy shows.

[00:22:18] Rachel Moore: Well, and I will say, my gosh, you know how you see those people who do like the pin boards and they like connect,

[00:22:26] Tanya Ballard Brown: Uhhuh . Yes. The, the murder Bos, they call ’em murder Bos. Let’s just be

[00:22:30] Rachel Moore: needed, yes, I needed a murder board for the characters. Cause I was reading the books and I’m like, okay, who the fuck are you? Who is this again? Which storyline am I in?

[00:22:37] Who are you? And I had to keep going back and be like, Oh, okay. You’re this. And part of it too. I wasn’t reading it every day. I was like reading, like, Here and then I’d let it stretch goodbye and I’d read it. But anyway I barely know the lore. I know some of the cool parts of the first three books and that’s all that sticks in my brain.

[00:22:55] But we all know dragons house of the dragon dragons figure heavily into game of thrones. And then thus, you know, because this, I believe this focuses on the, you’re going to have to say the house name, the family name, because I don’t know their last name. What is the,

[00:23:09] Tanya Ballard Brown: Tar.

[00:23:09] Rachel Moore: is Targaryen or Targaryen?

[00:23:13] Tanya Ballard Brown: Arian.

[00:23:13] Rachel Moore: Okay. Targaryen focuses on their house, right? Their clan, if you will. Okay. So, on Twitter, on the Twitters, oh God, I guess on the X, I guess, whatever. I shared this with y’all. So apparently there was a 200 and people in New York right now are like, we know! 270 foot installation of, I don’t know how to say this, V H A G A R, Vhagar?

[00:23:40] Tanya Ballard Brown: Yeah.

[00:23:40] Rachel Moore: Vagar, the dragon on the top of the empire state building to celebrate season two of house of the dragon. And how did you react when you first saw that picture? It is really cool. I’ll share

[00:23:57] Tanya Ballard Brown: even, I feel like even if you don’t follow the shows, it’s still cool to see this big old dragon, like, wrapped around the Empire State Building, man.

[00:24:05] Rachel Moore: link to the tweet for the, again, everybody’s in New York’s probably like we know, and if you follow this, you’ve probably seen it already, but I did that. I love that kind of stuff. I like when. Especially, God, better than a billboard, better than a digital ad, you know, and it’s obviously hyper local to New York, but you knew, I mean, by the selection of the building, it obviously people took pictures of it.

[00:24:28] It’s making its way around the globe. Everybody’s, you know, can see it at a quick glance. I liked it. I think it’s a really cool cool way to entice people. I mean, it is fantasy. Like you mentioned, it’s, you know, it’s dragons. Obviously Game of Thrones has a gigantic following. So yeah, just drawing people in with just being like, Hey, by the way, this is super dang cool, right?

[00:24:48] And you should go watch this today. But yeah I like it. I thought it, it’s definitely winning. Obviously huge budget required for that kind of thing, but I bet they have it. Is

[00:24:56] Tanya Ballard Brown: it’s HBO. Actually it’s Max.

[00:24:59] Rachel Moore: it Mac?

[00:25:00] Tanya Ballard Brown: they are.

[00:25:02] Rachel Moore: I don’t understand. I know HBO and then Cinemax and it just doesn’t make any sense to me anymore. Why do they keep changing? That’s it. That was a terrible move. That was bad marketing. In my opinion, it was like, let’s change HBO because it, is it called HBO max? And

[00:25:15] Tanya Ballard Brown: think it’s, you know how the radio, excuse me, the record companies used to be all like splintered. Like it’d be, I’m just using this as an example. People, I have no idea if this actually happened. I’m not trying to just, you know, throw dirt on anybody’s name, but it might, it’ll be Arista records, but under Arista records, it’d be like Jack Lee tunes too.

[00:25:38] Right. You know, but they’re, I think that’s kind of what the max HBO something.

[00:25:43] Rachel Moore: When I visit you, I’ll watch it. But how’s the, do you know how the series is coming off? Like, is it getting high reviews or?

[00:25:51] Tanya Ballard Brown: I, so I did watch it, as you know, live on Sunday and I realized that as I was watching it. Cause I hadn’t gone back to rewatch the first season and I had only started watching the last episode of the first season, maybe 30 minutes before the show premiered just thinking, Oh, that’d be enough to refresh me. it wasn’t. So I need, so then I went back and started from episode one of season one and I’m in the middle of that. And that is what I plan to do because I, tomorrow’s Juneteenth and I don’t have to work. So I don’t have to like jump up at nine o’clock and like, you know, jump right into work. So I thought, Oh, I can watch a couple of episodes of this tonight to kind of refresh me and get me up to date.

[00:26:37] All that said, I have to not really read the responses and the reactions because I’m like, I don’t remember what they’re talking about, you know, like I, I mean, I did like the funny tweets. And such, but I was completely like, Oh, I forgot who some of these characters are. Like, it’s just been too long and with one season versus game, which was. Like 10 season is, but you know, like at some point you just started to know DeNiris and who everybody is. And I’m still like, wait a minute. This is who now? And who’s child is this? And why? Who? And what? So I was like, I need to go back to the beginning.

[00:27:21] Rachel Moore: That’s the thing though. I

[00:27:22] Tanya Ballard Brown: but I do think it’s getting a good reception because people were really feeling a way about a spoiler alert, a son for a son,

[00:27:31] Rachel Moore: well, I did just look at Rotten Tomatoes. It’s one of the review things out there. Right now, season two has a 92 percent on the tomato meter. The 88 percent audience score. I have a feeling then it’s going well. People like it. They’re just glad to be back in that universe. I think, especially since it hasn’t George not written any more books yet, or he’s just made no progress. I,

[00:27:55] Tanya Ballard Brown: This is actually source material. This particular is coming from source material. They went way far afield with the, with Game of Thrones, like they, you know, but I think this particular show and season is based on the civil war. And it sounds to me like all that’s coming from source material.

[00:28:18] Rachel Moore: It says fire and blood, George r. Martin’s fire and blood. See, I’m sure people listen to this podcast and think, God, Rachel, you’re dumb. And

[00:28:27] Tanya Ballard Brown: How can it be that I don’t even know, you’re like,

[00:28:29] Rachel Moore: I’m not

[00:28:30] Tanya Ballard Brown: know any of this fine detail?

[00:28:32] Rachel Moore: I just it’s not my, it’s not something I spend a

[00:28:35] Tanya Ballard Brown: It’s so much television and there’s so much media to consume

[00:28:39] and, and a lot of it is very good.

[00:28:41] Rachel Moore: If you asked me about the boys, I’m watching that right now. And

[00:28:45] Tanya Ballard Brown: Oh, see. So here’s the thing years ago, when I was a mere child and I was married, my husband was into comics and such, which sparked my interest. Like he had been collecting for years, he had a boxes and boxes of things wrapped in plastic hunting. And we had our own box at the comic book store. We even took our engagement pictures at the comic book store and he was into all of the like I bought him an issue, You I don’t even remember now because it was some issue that the first time somebody showed up or all of them were on the cover or something.

[00:29:29] I do not remember now, but it was like a collector’s item because he was into the still kind of the superhero things. I was into the indie

[00:29:38] Rachel Moore: Yeah.

[00:29:40] Tanya Ballard Brown: labels or whatever. So like Judd from well, actually he introduced me to that one in that particular one. But anyway Judd, who was on real world San Fran way back in the day became a cartoon.

[00:29:51] He did some cartoons or whatever. And it was his book. He did a little series. And I thought that was cute. It was a little kid who was like really smart and, you know. And these other series, all these indie series, and the boys was one of the series that I got all invested in. And I remember at the time I wouldn’t even read it on the Metro because it was so the covers were, it was given,

[00:30:15] Why am I even reading this?

[00:30:17] And it was, but it was also good. Right. So when it became a show, it was like that, Oh, that preacher why the last minute, these were all the ones I was reading and all of them became shows. So that I’m always like, I had good taste, but anyway

[00:30:34] Rachel Moore: before people did it, yep.

[00:30:35] Tanya Ballard Brown: tried to watch the boys and what had me all sucked in the comics, which are in this house somewhere was I, the show was, it was just too much of it.

[00:30:50] You know, like it was

[00:30:51] Rachel Moore: I

[00:30:52] Tanya Ballard Brown: one line too far and I was like, Oh, I can’t watch this. So I never went. I think I got to maybe episode three and I was like. I’m going to stop watching this. I’m making an

[00:31:03] Rachel Moore: You know, what’s interesting to me about you saying that, though, is the Game of Thrones goes really far too.

[00:31:10] Tanya Ballard Brown: I don’t even know how I, oh, there, there’s one scene. I will never forget.

[00:31:16] Than one, but and that is actually, I know some other people who dropped out after this scene, they were like, this is enough for me.

[00:31:25] Rachel Moore: Yeah.

[00:31:26] Tanya Ballard Brown: I don’t know. But I think by then I was all sucked in.

[00:31:29] Whereas I had read the comics for the boys.

[00:31:32] And when the show started and I watched a couple and I was like,

[00:31:35] Rachel Moore: Yeah.

[00:31:35] Tanya Ballard Brown: No.

[00:31:36] Rachel Moore: Yeah.

[00:31:38] Tanya Ballard Brown: And I had already, I don’t know. That’s a good question. It’s a good question.

[00:31:42] This makes me want to go back and give the boy now with a little distance, I might give it a second.

[00:31:48] Rachel Moore: I made it cause, and the reason I thought of it too a cause, cause going back to the dragon obviously the show had a strong start part of the dragon was part of like reminding people, Hey, it’s out, go, you know, and also just keep them on it and binge and stuff. I had heard, and I’m looking, I just looked up the boys on I wonder if there’s a way to see the seasons.

[00:32:07] It looks like it on the latest season. Yeah, it’s got a 95 percent rating on season. Is that season four?

[00:32:14] Tanya Ballard Brown: I’m sure that show is great. I mean, I’m, I, it’s, they wouldn’t have all these seasons if it

[00:32:18] wasn’t,

[00:32:19] Rachel Moore: But you’re right. The, I posted on Facebook just the other day. I’m like, just when I think the boys cannot shock me anymore. And there’s a, there’s, I’m not going to tell you. We watched a couple of reaction videos on YouTube of this, and I love how they have to blur literally every damn thing out.

[00:32:40] Cause you know, they’ll get dinged, they get demonetized. But there is the second someone in that show approaches a door and you’re not sure what’s behind it, just know it’s going to be, it’s going to be horrific. Like, or at least just like, not even horrific, but you’re just like, whoa, eyeballs.

[00:32:55] Wow. Seared into my brain. So I, I posted like the Phoebe buffet gift because it’s that, but same thing with, I still remember. And of course this is a blue podcast, but I remember the, in the first episode of game of Thrones where what’s his face? The guy who plays I love him. Tyrion

[00:33:17] Tanya Ballard Brown: Yes.

[00:33:18] I knew you were about to say that.

[00:33:20] Rachel Moore: Standing there drinking and you just hear a sound and you’re like something’s happening off frame and you knew exactly what it was and I was like, Oh, here we go. And I knew, but then I knew, right? And so, but yeah, anyway it’s obviously both shows have big followings, big on the shock factor, big on the drama and the fantasy and big budgets and having a dragon on the top of the Empire State Building is pretty freaking cool.

[00:33:43] I’d love to be part of that marketing team. That would have been amazing to execute that,

[00:33:47] Tanya Ballard Brown: Would you go up there?

[00:33:49] Rachel Moore: No.

[00:33:50] Tanya Ballard Brown: I’m so afraid of heights. I just can’t see me doing it. But

[00:33:53] Rachel Moore: I thought, you know what? I didn’t realize, I thought I was fine with heights and then I went on a fricking zip line thing with like some as a team building and I’m like, Oh, I’m not doing this ever again. This is the worst thing ever.

[00:34:05] Tanya Ballard Brown: no,

[00:34:06] Rachel Moore: all shaky and I’m like, I think I can be up in something.

[00:34:10] If I know, I’m like, there’s literally no chance. I’m going to fall

[00:34:13] even seen, have you seen those like pools that people have where they’re up really like stories and stories, hot feet. You’re like, and that no was like, yes, I’ve seen it. And no, I will not. Where people are swimming and literal, like they’ve got like,

[00:34:28] Tanya Ballard Brown: I am deathly afraid of heights. I really am possibly because I’m short and very close to the ground and I like to stay rooted ground,

[00:34:38] Rachel Moore: I

[00:34:38] Tanya Ballard Brown: but, mm-Hmm Like even to the point where like if there are balconies and such, this is an irrational fear, but I’m like, this could break away from the building

[00:34:47] Rachel Moore: I mean, infrastructure, baby, you never

[00:34:48] Tanya Ballard Brown: to Right.

[00:34:49] You know? And I could fall to my death, so I won’t be going out

[00:34:52] Rachel Moore: Also anyone who’s ever seen final destination movies. Of course. You’re like, there is always that

[00:34:58] Tanya Ballard Brown: And it’s so there you go. So I’m always thinking about that. And in the week I did went to dinner at the press club with a friend. She took me. She’s a member. And we sat, I had been there before for like taco nights and just, I’ve been there. I lived here in DC. So there’s any number of events that happened at this place and you go there and I had a friend get married there.

[00:35:24] And I’ve been there for award things, all this kind of stuff. But I just had never paid attention to this until we sat down and I realized that this floor to ceiling window on the 14th floor,

[00:35:39] Rachel Moore: oh yeah.

[00:35:40] Tanya Ballard Brown: and it looked like we were going to fall to our deaths. And I, We didn’t move, but I never, I was at this, I was over here.

[00:35:49] Am afraid of heights. I really am.

[00:35:52] Rachel Moore: is fair. My husband is too. Well, we’re gonna leave the dragon at the top of the Empire State Building for now, and we’re gonna

[00:35:57] Tanya Ballard Brown: But if they take it down, I hope it like go somewhere where you can go and touch it

[00:36:00] Rachel Moore: That would be really cool. They should take it,

[00:36:02] Tanya Ballard Brown: an installation at a museum or

[00:36:03] Rachel Moore: Oh, wouldn’t it be cool. We have trains to go through IRA. Wouldn’t it be cool if it was on a train and like, just going, it’s like sleeping on the train cars, you’d be like, Oh, I would love that.

[00:36:13] Sorry. Hopefully they’ll take some ideas. Give us credit for it. That’s

[00:36:16] Tanya Ballard Brown: Yes. No, give me some

[00:36:17] Rachel Moore: That’s right. Well, we’re gonna, we’re gonna hopefully get some money, but we’re going to take a break and we’ll be right back.

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[00:36:56] We Got Got

[00:36:56] Rachel Moore: All right. Now we’re back. Final segment of the show. We Got Got. Tonya, I’ve got one to share. I don’t know if you have a We Got Got for the last two weeks where you fell for some marketing. If you

[00:37:06] Tanya Ballard Brown: I almost have one.

[00:37:07] Rachel Moore: you almost had one? What’d you almost get got by?

[00:37:10] Tanya Ballard Brown: Those shoes that I’ve posted, those aerosol shoes have been following me around the internet and in my email inboxes and on everything. And I’m like, should I buy this shoe? Cause they’re not going to let me not buy this shoe until I buy this shoe and everything, the price keeps getting a little lower, but they haven’t hit my number yet.

[00:37:33] So as soon as they get to my number, yeah, I got me aerosols.

[00:37:37] Rachel Moore: I love it. I’m totally, I’m going to put that in the show notes too. So everybody can opine and be like, either you tell Tanya to get them or you get them for yourself. And then, you know, then we can be jealous of you. You can share the pictures. They’re very cute. What is it? The chance silver mirror, metallic faux leather, two strap footbed platform,

[00:37:54] Tanya Ballard Brown: First of all, I’m like a cat. The fact that they’re shiny, you know, I’m already,

[00:37:59] Rachel Moore: They are cute.

[00:37:59] Tanya Ballard Brown: you know, bought in on that part and then the little cork heel. I’m like, okay.

[00:38:04] Rachel Moore: They, and they’re not, that’s not a giant heel. What is that? A two inch,

[00:38:08] Tanya Ballard Brown: I don’t know. You know, I like a high heel shoe. I’m not even worried about that.

[00:38:10] Rachel Moore: relate. I can’t even relate to that. I don’t even

[00:38:12] Tanya Ballard Brown: Like I’m afraid of heights, but I will, because I want to be close to the ground, except not quite so close. Cause I need a high heel to make me be a little taller.

[00:38:20] Rachel Moore: But it’s a chunk heel. That’s a nice one. It’s not spike. So that’s

[00:38:23] Tanya Ballard Brown: a blocky chunky heel.

[00:38:24] Rachel Moore: I I got, so, one of the clients I work for is very generous. My husband’s been recovering from knee surgery, knee replacement surgery, and he’s the cook in our family. I’m not, but he had like prepped us with a shit ton of pulled pork.

[00:38:38] And so we were having that a lot.

[00:38:40] Tanya Ballard Brown: That sounds so

[00:38:41] Rachel Moore: Oh, so good. I mean, even, and I love pull part. Oh my God. I love it. But even after like day five, we’re like, okay, we need something different.

[00:38:47] Tanya Ballard Brown: No more of that, but you know what? What you should do is ship it overnight to me.

[00:38:56] Rachel Moore: I could do that. It’s very, or just come visit me and then I will make

[00:38:59] Tanya Ballard Brown: Oh yes.

[00:39:00] Rachel Moore: So, what we did, I’m pulling it up right now. Cause I need to like, Tell you all what it is. Okay. So I was gifted a Grubhub gift card, a very healthy amount of a Grubhub gift card, which was super nice.

[00:39:14] So, my son wasn’t with us that night. He was working. So my husband and my daughter and I ordered Grubhub. We got it from three different places. That’s, it was just very decadent to be like, I want this and you can have that and she can have that. So we ordered from three different places. So he learned like, Oh my God, I missed grow pub.

[00:39:32] And I’m like, I will get you grow pub. He was going, he went hiking on Saturday with my father. And I said, I’ll get you grow pub when you get back that night. So he’s like, I want to get it from Bojo’s now for those of you not familiar with Bojo’s they make mountain pies mountain pizza pies. And I will again, show the link.

[00:39:48] They are fantastic. And if you have not ever had a pizza crust with honey on it, you should

[00:39:54] Tanya Ballard Brown: What’s a mountain pizza? This is does it, is that the thickness of

[00:39:58] Rachel Moore: It’s where the pizza itself might not, you know, it’s standard pizza pie slice, you can get thin and stuff, but they just make the crust is gigantic and delicious and I’m going to go put it in our Slack

[00:40:12] Tanya Ballard Brown: You know, you’re talking to the meh pizza person. I know everybody’s like this person doesn’t like beer. She doesn’t care about pizza. Who even are you?

[00:40:20] Rachel Moore: And that’s okay. I think if you if you were to have a, you know how everybody like there’s different styles of pizza, Chicago style, New York style, whatever mountain pie.

[00:40:28] Tanya Ballard Brown: I had Detroit style recently.

[00:40:30] Rachel Moore: nice. Was it

[00:40:31] Tanya Ballard Brown: It was not, it wasn’t a bad piece of pie, I have to

[00:40:36] say. Well, so he didn’t want, he didn’t want pizza, but he wanted their mac and cheese. So we’ve eaten at Bojo’s. It’s, it, they have one up in Idaho Springs. That’s our favorite one to go to. They have a couple down in the Denver area. And so he’s like, I want to get mac and cheese. I was like, okay, you can order it from there.

[00:40:55] Rachel Moore: So he ordered it. Now, I was having a hankering for something sweet. We’ll So, I just skated over before I placed his order, because he had to use my laptop, I skated over to the desserts on Bojo’s and they had what is called, hold please I need to look it up here desserts, here we go. The chocolate chip cookie.

[00:41:17] Tanya Ballard Brown: Is it as big as your head though?

[00:41:19] Rachel Moore: So, what it is the whole batch together is. So it’s basically several chocolate chip cookies together, and they bake them to the point like they are still gooey, which makes me happy. But then they drizzle on the top of them caramel and chocolate syrup.

[00:41:37] Tanya Ballard Brown: Oh,

[00:41:37] Rachel Moore: It is a sugar overload. It is a chocolate overload, and it made me so,

[00:41:43] Tanya Ballard Brown: that’s like, oh no, they ruined it with the caramel and the chocolate sauce. You know, I do not like those things

[00:41:48] Rachel Moore: was on, and I need to not have sugar, but I just,

[00:41:53] Tanya Ballard Brown: know y’all always say what do I eat? I eat all the things. I just don’t eat some of these things

[00:41:58] Rachel Moore: that’s okay. And everyone who’s grossed out with Tanya, you can be

[00:42:02] Tanya Ballard Brown: Nobody is i’m the i’m always that weird person

[00:42:06] Rachel Moore: No, but look, that’s not going to be everybody’s jams. And like

[00:42:09] Tanya Ballard Brown: No, the cookie part was sounding real good until they this it’s the drizzle that I don’t

[00:42:14] Rachel Moore: It was so

[00:42:15] Tanya Ballard Brown: And now you make me want like a cookie. I want like a

[00:42:17] Rachel Moore: Sorry. I know that’s how I roll. My cat decided to

[00:42:20] Tanya Ballard Brown: Oh, I do have some cookies.

[00:42:23] Rachel Moore: Oh, do you, there you go. Now you got some.

[00:42:26] Tanya Ballard Brown: I can have a, you know what else? So I have a slice of cake in here. Even better.

[00:42:30] Rachel Moore: You do. You should

[00:42:31] Tanya Ballard Brown: Even better.

[00:42:32] Rachel Moore: See, this is what I do. I make people make bad decisions

[00:42:35] Tanya Ballard Brown: No, it’s not a bad decision. It was a bad decision when I bought the cake.

[00:42:40] Rachel Moore: Now you just got to see it through to the end,

[00:42:42] Tanya Ballard Brown: Right, right, right, right.

[00:42:43] Rachel Moore: which I did too. I saw those cookies through the end. I was like, well, I better, I mean, I don’t want to go bad, better eat them. But I got, that was an easy get because I just, yeah I gave into my.

[00:42:53] You know, it just it was an easy get they’re probably like, whatever, you know, that, that took no effort on their part, but I, I did get caught by, by food and that’s pretty typical. So, by the way I’m going to announce this to you. So I will, I’ll share about this next week. My, my family and I are going to eat at Casa Bonita tonight.

[00:43:10] Tanya Ballard Brown: Oh,

[00:43:10] Rachel Moore: Have you heard of Casa Bonita?

[00:43:12] Tanya Ballard Brown: I don’t know, but I do whatever you’re about to tell me you’re going to order there. I do this. I eat.

[00:43:19] Rachel Moore: So, Casa Bonita is a fixture, a historical fixture in. D City of Denver. People, some many people globally think it’s fake because

[00:43:31] Tanya Ballard Brown: went there when we were there.

[00:43:33] Rachel Moore: Did you go, oh, you might’ve gone, I You didn’t go with

[00:43:35] Tanya Ballard Brown: Cause we were trying to go to all the, those, you know, like, like we stayed in that old hotel cause it was the oldest hotel in the area. And then we went, Oh, you know what? We went to the place with the

[00:43:45] Rachel Moore: Tea

[00:43:46] Tanya Ballard Brown: the word for it? The bull parts.

[00:43:50] Rachel Moore: Oh, you went to the fort? No. You went to Buckhorn Exchange

[00:43:54] Tanya Ballard Brown: I think so.

[00:43:55] Rachel Moore: the the Rocky Mountain. Oysters.

[00:43:57] Tanya Ballard Brown: Right there.

[00:43:59] Rachel Moore: Oysters.

[00:44:00] Tanya Ballard Brown: I, this sounds, Like we did that too. We did a lot of eating.

[00:44:04] Rachel Moore: We have a good food culture here. Not

[00:44:05] Tanya Ballard Brown: Yes I’m remembering, excuse me, remembering, yes, I’m remembering a few really good meals there now that you remind me.

[00:44:14] Rachel Moore: Well, Casa Bonita, it’s interesting you mentioned good meals. Casa Bonita fixture in the Denver area, and this was up until about five, maybe six years ago. It was known it’s very, you go in, it’s kind of a pink stucco. Dome at the top, you go in, think of like, if you walk, I always think of like when I’m at Disneyland or Disney World and I go into an, a covered or indoor line to get onto an amusement park ride where you’re winding through stuff and there’s a kind of a aesthetic and ambiance around you, whatever.

[00:44:47] So inside it’s very much replicated like a Mexican town. You know, and so you go up through there. Yeah. Yeah. So you go up through there and you know, you wait in line or used to wait in line for a long time. And then you’d order and then they give you your food and then you go sit, but there’s cliff diving and there’s a mariachi band going around and there’s blackbards cave and there’s like pinball and you know, things like that.

[00:45:10] So it’s an experience or it was. And so. It went out of business because the food sucked the food was the worst Mexican food you can imagine I mean literally you would go you’re like, okay I know the food’s gonna suck but you went anyway, because it was like yeah, but it’s Casa Bonita and whatever So it went out of business

[00:45:28] so Trey Parker and Matt Stone are the creators of South Park. And they had made an episode years prior where that featured where Cartman wanted to go to Casa Bonita. And so that did happen. But because of that episode, many people thought, Oh, that’s a fictitious place.

[00:45:41] It’s not, it’s real. But they bought Casa Bonita and they remodeled it, remade it, spent millions upon millions of dollars on it. And for the last year. They did a, they’ve been doing a soft launch. And so they finally opened it up many months ago where they said, Hey put your email on this wait list.

[00:45:59] You’re now in a lottery and we’ll notify you when you can purchase tickets during a certain window of dates to come and enjoy Casa Bonita. So, Back many months ago, I had done use like three different emails and I signed up and never got a ticket, never got an email, never got an email. I just gave up.

[00:46:17] But about four weeks ago, we got the email that we could book our tickets. So tonight my family and our best friend family and my son’s girlfriend are going to go eight of us to Casa Benita and I’m going to do a tech talk video about it and everything, but I

[00:46:31] Tanya Ballard Brown: it sounds like it’s going to be so fun.

[00:46:32] Rachel Moore: I think it’s going to be fun.

[00:46:33] I’m sure the food will be better. It can’t be worse. Oh, it could be worse.

[00:46:37] Tanya Ballard Brown: remember the food there. I remember, I just remembered the Rocky mountain oyster place.

[00:46:41] Rachel Moore: yeah

[00:46:41] Tanya Ballard Brown: a lot of meat.

[00:46:42] that that, what I remember there, it was a lot of meat.

[00:46:46] Rachel Moore: And that one is heavy. If you’re a carnivore, you go that place. Well, you do have to have a nice hefty little budget cause it’s not cheap. But by the way, Rocky mountain oysters, everyone, those are buffalo testicles. So just don’t be fooled.

[00:46:58] They’re not actual oysters. They’re deep fried buffalo testicles.

[00:47:01] Tanya Ballard Brown: they are not.

[00:47:03] Rachel Moore: Texture is really interesting. I did try one, but then I was like okay, I tried that. But any who, so I’m excited to that is all the time we have for this episode of the just trust me podcast.

[00:47:12] Tanya where can people find and follow you online between episodes?

[00:47:17] Tanya Ballard Brown: I am T double B T D O U B L E B on all the places, but I tend to spend my time on Instagram, so you can probably literally find me there.

[00:47:32] Rachel Moore: Does your Instagram?

[00:47:34] Tanya Ballard Brown: She does Butterbean, Ballard Brown, Is her handle over there. I do think she has one or two fresh pieces of content. I actually feel bad because her gotcha, our gotcha day was last week on the 12th.

[00:47:51] Rachel Moore: Oh

[00:47:52] Tanya Ballard Brown: And I had planned to, you know, I like to do, you know, I got my baby that day.

[00:47:58] and brought her home. She was 12 weeks, little puppy,

[00:48:02] Rachel Moore: She was little puppy.

[00:48:03] Tanya Ballard Brown: three years ago. And I didn’t remember until the 13th. And so, and then it felt like wah. So I did not post anything that day, but I am still glad that I got my fur baby puppy.

[00:48:20] Rachel Moore: She’s so cute. And we’re glad you have her too. Even when the intern decides to chime up, chime in and be a bit noisy, but we love her. And y’all can find me and follow me at Rachel has the MIC anywhere and everywhere. Follow us this podcast on Instagram, Tik TOK and threads at just trust me podcast.

[00:48:38] And anywhere you listen to your favorite podcasts, if you liked this podcast, subscribe. So you don’t miss an episode. If you really liked it, leave us a review because that is actually good marketing. Please do it. I will catch you on the next episode of Just Trust Me.