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Same harassment, different day.


That’s where women get exposed (quite literally, quite often) to sexual harassment from others.

Twelve minutes ago, I hopped onto Periscope to “share” a beer with my viewers and chat about going to see Wonder Woman tonight with my daughter. Less than three minutes in, I get this:

My face hadn’t quite yet registered my reaction. Go to to see that. I refuse to edit it because stuff like this is shouted from sidewalks to passing women anyway, so get woke.

Lovely. A random viewer decided his question about my personal hygiene was a perfect segue from my alliteration about Blue Moon and Business Unusual. Because, why not, right?

Later in the broadcast, after I lit into his comment, he told me, “Oh, lighten up.”

No. It’s my broadcast and I don’t need to lighten up. You, sir, are welcome to go find another broadcast where you can assume the woman on the other end must really want you to ask her questions about her genitals.

Different Day

This isn’t a new thing. It’s a new harasser on a new day. Usually it’s just a matter of if you get the comments earlier in the day or later.

A few weeks ago on Snapchat, a random new “friend” decided to go straight from friendly banter Snaps of “How are you today?” and “How’s it going?” to a picture of his hand reaching into his tidy-whities asking if we could have some fun.

Well, I’m a woman on social media… surely that means I’m up for anything that will make a man sexually happy, right? Wrong.

NBD, right?

The most infuriating part is that many will read this blog and think just like RichStan7835 did: “Lighten up, Rachel, it’s not that bad.”

Or worse: “Take it as a compliment, can’t you?”


HELL no.

No chance.

What’s amazing is that I was chatting a few seconds prior about taking my daughter to see Wonder Woman. Women empowerment and breaking glass ceilings, here we come! Except, first, don’t leave the house without being reminded that any man should be able to ask you about your personal grooming without you getting offended.

Again, hell no.

I’m not here for it. I’m sick of it. The only man who deserves my attention after making suggestive comments is the guy who vowed to share my life with me and all it carries with it. I don’t have to put up with “same harassment, different day.” And neither do you.

If you still think harassment doesn’t happen and I’m overreacting, watch this:

How about you? Let me know how you’re doing and what you do to combat the harassment. Blocking only goes so far, because it’s easy for someone to create a free handle and try again. I’d love to hear your ideas and suggestions for how to make a change for the women out there.