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Size Matters in Social Media

It does!

We are, of course, talking about the images on your social media profiles (let’s leave follower counts and update lengths to other posts).  Each major social media platform allows premium opportunities to showcase your stuff via dynamic images… but you need to care about size.

Thanks to quasi-recent revamps of Facebook and Google+ Cover Photo size constraints (or, more appropriately, expansions), you can maximize some epic real estate as far as image sizes.

Nowadays, it’s better to design big – print-collateral big – for social media images and re-size down from there if needed.

For a breakdown of what image sizes and parameters you should use for each of the major social platforms, check out this handy Pin on our Pinterest board courtesy of

But wait… there’s more!

Click here to access Photoshop templates for each type of image you might use on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube and even Xing (the LinkedIn for German-speaking countries).  You need Photoshop to be able to edit these, but considering your options for layering and grouping designs, these templates can be used over and over again as you tweak and optimize your images.  (HINT:  You will need to tweak them with every update pushed out by social media platforms… so stay versatile!)