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When you need a speaker for your event, Rachel Moore is your cure against the snooze fest.

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Ever sat through a presentation that was 90% sales pitch? How about listening to someone spout off the same old platitudes you’ve heard everywhere else about the topic you wanted to know?

Voicing the Value.

You got the attendees into the room, and now they expect the great things you promised them. The last thing you want to see are walkouts due to boredom or dashed hopes.

Instead, Really Social works with you on which topic you’d like to offer… and we provide value to your audience on that topic. What your program says is what they’ll get.

Teaching the Takeaways.

The best result for your event is when attendees learn enough from a presentation to take the knowledge directly into their own work life.

With Really Social’s teaching experience in play, your audience will achieve “AHA!” moments to generate excitement for how they can find success for themselves.

Energizing with Expertise.

Sometimes a speaker talks on the same topic so often, the material feels tired even to the source. Sadly, the audience can instantly pick up on boredom.

On the other hand, Really Social’s team can’t stop geeking out over topics related to social media. We get thrilled when sharing the sheer tonnage of capabilities lying within social media tools… since your audience will be stuck in the room with us, the energy will be contagious.

Presenting with Personality.

Ideally you’d like to put a person in front of your audience who is as good at reading a room as they are at speaking to it. Think comedian + performer + professor.

Rachel Moore is the primary speaker for Really Social, and she brings that unicorn of public speaking to your event. Using humor, empathy, expertise, and stage presence, Rachel has enough personality for any audience size.

Rewarding with Rave Reviews.


Really Social Speaking on Social Media topics
Leave them wanting more.

When it’s time to pass around the session surveys, you hope for five-star reviews which will go beyond the paper and into the online world.

Really Social has a proven track record of wowing audiences through dynamic, informative, and engaging presentations. Don’t settle for “meh;” go for “my God, that was the best session here!”

Speaking on Topic

Rachel’s three primary programs are:

Go Live or Go Home: How and Why to Add Livestreaming to Your Marketing

Know the Power of Dark Social: Empower Your Brand via Private Messaging

The Concealer Chronicles: Sharing the Honesty of Being a Woman-Mom-Boss

Additional Topics for Your Event:


Social Media Best Practices

Social Media Hacks for Success

Dark Social (Private Messaging)

Facebook for Your Business

Snapchat for Branding, Engagement, and Advertising

Twitter Chats to Build Your Brand and Network

Getting Started with Livestreaming

YouTube, the 2nd Largest Search Engine Online

Get Started with Podcasting…

and that’s not all.

If you’ve got a specific topic in mind, we’ll either know about it or have a fantastic referral for you.

Let’s Discover a Topic

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