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the background is a futuristic city skyline with gigantic clouds, all in variations of light green. In the foreground, a large purple set of headphones is at the top left, with the logo "marketingXP beside it" and the word "podcast" just below. The main title below, within a solid white bar, reads "UTMs: the Breadcrumbs of Marketing" and the subtitle below that reads "episode + show notes + powerup"

UTMs: the breadcrumbs of marketing

In this episode of marketingXP—UTMs, the Breadcrumbs of Marketing—Rachel defines what the heck UTM stands for, how to decide on UTM terms for your custom marketing links, and how to track those links (and your marketing efforts) through Google Analytics. Listen to the episode to get started or ramp up your marketing analysis and, if you’re looking to impress a client or executive in your life, access the PowerUp for this episode >>>