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the background is a futuristic city skyline with gigantic clouds, all in variations of light green. In the foreground, a large purple set of headphones is at the top left, with the logo "marketingXP beside it" and the word "podcast" just below. The main title below, within a solid white bar, reads "Maslow Might Have Been a Marketer" and the subtitle below that reads "episode + show notes + powerup"

Maslow Might Have Been a Marketer

In this episode of marketingXP—Maslow Might Have Been a Marketer—Rachel points to Abraham Maslow, creator of the Maslow’s Hierarch of Needs, and calls him a solid marketer because of how closely human needs align with messaging. Listen to the episode for the three important aspects of Maslow’s pyramid and, if you’re looking to impress a client or executive in your life, access the PowerUp for this episode >>>