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When You’re the Household PR

Emails to the kids’ teachers. Calls to the various utility vendors who require 90 minutes of hurry-up-and-waiting. Coordinating of cross-family events, right down to explanations of why so-and-so is late or forgot can’t make it.

I’m the PR of my family. Nice to meet you, and let’s swap cell numbers, shall we?

You don’t have to be in the marketing industry to be your household’s public relations. Often this important yet thankless role falls to the cooler head in the herd, and you might be a pro at just about anything with that type of talent. You’re the one who can keep the conversation flowing on the sports sidelines, or smooth things over with the service staff at your favorite venue.

Being the calm-cool-collected one might seem favorable on its face, but the burden can be tiresome. Family and friends grow to rely on you for the rational answers, so you’re the first one they call. Teachers know you for being responsive and reasonable, so their messages come straight to you. The utility bills are often in your name because you had the patience to get the service started in the first place, thus relegating yourself to months of repeated contact with one representative after another who asks for your security answers.

Being the household PR can blow sometimes. But would you entrust this epic duty to anyone else?

How about no? | Rachel, Really