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UnpauseIt Podcast

A podcast by a family of geeks. Enjoy a couple of series/eras of this podcast hosted by two parents and two kids joined by DNA but definitely not by entertainment opinions.

Marvel Cinematic Universe Phases 1-3

Since everyone with a pulse started a podcast during the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns, this family of four decided to tackle the MCU (and a bit beyond). Taking turns as hosts who had to herd the rest of the opinionated family members, every episode reviews some way folks were entertaining themselves when they literally had no place to go.

The Car Ride Home

From clicking our seat belts to parking the car in our driveway, Miah and Rachel review a variety of experiences in the time it takes for them to get from point A to point B and no more. SPOILERS ABOUND, because we record these right after seeing or experiencing something, so this is perfect to listen to on your own car ride home after you’ve experienced whatever it is for yourself.

Every episode has room for you to leave your own rating and comments. You know you have them.


Little Women (2019) + a smidge of Minecraft

The girls are out for an evening at the cinema as LadyDisdayn and Furious Jeb (mom and daughter) head to a screening of Little Women (2019). We chat history (with… Read More »Little Women (2019) + a smidge of…

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker | Reactions & Ratings (SPOILERS!)

The UnpauseIt family crew saw and had all the reactions to Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker… and now we need to see it again. We think you will too,… Read More »Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker | Reactions…

Serenity Forge: Video Games That Go Farther

Video games are part of our world, and many of us don’t even realize how much they can impact our lives. We sat down with Serenity Forge founder Z Yang… Read More »Serenity Forge: Video Games That Go Farther…

Between Two Tweens: Zelda, Minecraft, and D.C. Dislike

If you can get through our reviews of SHAZAM! and Captain Marvel (infused with disdain of D.C. movies), you’ll get an earful of the kids sharing their experiences playing Zelda,… Read More »Between Two…

Captain Marvel

Come as you are to the UnpauseIt review of Captain Marvel! This latest installment in the Avengers franchise brings us the un-origin-story of Carol Danvers, as well as a look… Read More »Captain Marvel…

Teaching Dad How to Play Minecraft

Minecraft… Minecraft… MINECRAFT! If the kids aren’t playing it, they’re talking about it. Thus it seemed about time for the parents to get a notion about what this game is,… Read More…