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What Happened to 2014?

Instead of sending out one of those “here’s what happened to us this year” Christmas letters, this makes way more sense to my sober brain at 11:33pm on December 31st.

In 2014:

  • I tried out bangs. They finally evolved into a reasonable state, but when I first had them done I felt like I was wearing a wig.
  • Both kids finally started attending the same school at the same time. This development caused me much rejoicing and a decrease in gas consumption from removing the constant treks to Littleton for daycare.
  • At work I received a promotion and rapidly began to work harder at any job than I have ever worked at before. My laptop bag began to get far more use, and my workplace organization went through at least a few reboots just to help me accommodate all of my new tasks.
  • I graduated college from my 20-year higher education plan with a BS in BS: Bachelor of Science in Communications. I totally have my tassel hanging from my Jeep’s rearview mirror to remind me to avoid going to more school (and more hours of reading, paper writing, and message boarding) at all costs.
  • I turned 40! How do I feel about this? AMAZING. I really and truly feel fulfilled at this stage in my life. I still have things to accomplish, but our family and my sense of accomplishment are both solidly intact and progressing right along.
  • I started cycling with a purpose. It all began on Bike to Work Day when I decided to get off my lazy ass and commute on two wheels to work and back (with my husband uttering cheers of support mixed with exclamations of “it’s about damn time”). Once I realized I wasn’t dead from the effort, I figured cycle-commuting was something I could conquer. Physically it was a great endeavor, and you wouldn’t believe how gorgeous the sunrise is over the Denver Tech Center.

That’s the somewhat-short and sweet breakdown of 2014. I’m really looking forward to 2015, though I have to admit I’m not sure if and how it can surpass this last year. Many I know have been through one hell of a ringer and want nothing more than to bury 2014 deep down, and my hope for them is for peace and being able to effectively bid adieu to this last year.

For my part, I’m ready for tomorrow to get here in roughly 3 minutes.