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Who are you, really?

Who Are You - Caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland

If you’ve had the pleasure of taking a personal assessment test, you may know who you are. You know, or have been told, what makes you tick.

This last week, I learned that I’m a Strategist-Activator-Relator-Positive-Wooer. For good measure, my Myers-Briggs is ENTJ.

I always have to chuckle a bit at the notion of these types of assessments. We all want to revel in a definition of our identity, even if it’s virtually impossible that such a result can truly encompass all that we are and offer.

“But that’s my type!”

Sweet. That gives me a general guidebook to who you are, but it’s not enough to rely upon wholly. Getting to personally know each other gets us to the ticks: what are the quirks and sharp turns which comprise our person?

Personal assessment results provide a silhouette. Personal relationships fill in the details.

What’s your type, and is that accurate to who you are? Let’s get personal below.