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Who’s Who in Social Media? Beth Johnston | Social Bridges

Beth Johnston is “Who’s Who in Social Media!”

May kicked off with a bang as Really Social interviewed Beth Johnston, a Colorado-based social media business woman and a fellow Colorado Woman in Social Media.

Watch the entire Laugh & Learn Blab episode below, or click here for our biggest takeaways as we learned what makes Beth and her business—Social Bridges—tick!

The Takeaways

Rachel Moore (RM): Can you talk about the 2-3 things you do with social media through your business?

Beth Johnston (BJ): My core service is the “done for you” service: business owners are good at what they do and not necessarily good at marketing or social media. They give it to me and say, “Beth, please do this for me.”

What I’m finding, and what I’m really enjoying, is coaching and teaching! I’m an instructor at Colorado Free University and I’m really enjoying that. I didn’t think I would!

RM: What is your favorite platform and why?

BJ: Pinterest is probably my favorite platform so I must stay away from it. I have to set the timer for my phone and the alarm has to ring; if not, 2-4 hours will go by.

What I love about Pinterest is that it’s not so much a social platform, because the users that are there are creating things of what they want to be in the future: they’re planning their wedding, their house they want to build. Most other social media is about how fast someone can like a post.

RM: If a movie were being made about your life, who should play you and why?

BJ: For hotness factor, Jennifer Aniston. One of my favorite people to watch is Melissa McCarthy. She says things you wish you could say, and she does things you wish you could do. I think I want Melissa McCarthy to play me in my feature film… which is coming out in June. (laughs)

Beth was a pleasure to have as a Laugh & Learn Blab guest; watch the entire interview to learn more about her and Social Bridges!

If you’re interested in a guest spot on Laugh & Learn by Really Social, click here to get started.