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Who’s Who? Valerie Morris of Tintero Creative

March kept us on our toes as we welcomed, and then re-welcomed, Valerie Morris as our Who’s Who in Social Media guest! As the founder of Tintero Creative and a founding member of Colorado Women in Social Media, Valerie provides us with more than just her own background; any business owner or innovator will benefit from her words of wisdom.

Click below to watch our interview with Valerie, or scroll down a bit for a few takeaways.


RM (Rachel Moore): Tell us briefly about yourself!

VM (Valerie Morris): “Sure! I started Tintero Creative a few years back, and I live and breathe content marketing all day long… I am all about helping brands build their influence online. A huge piece of that is social media—that’s probably the biggest chunk of what we do—and it also involves blogging, written content, graphical content, infographics, logos.

RM: You are the founder of Tintero Creative. What fostered that idea?

VM:  “The word ‘tintero’ is Italian for ink well. That’s where the feather pen of my logo comes from. It kind of goes along with the concept of telling your story, but I’m also a very kinesthetic learner. There’s something about having a tactile nature of writing with a pen that I kind of like.

I love learning; I loved school. When I got out of school, I started my career in architecture… and I was bored stiff… I was seriously thinking, ‘Is this all there is?’

We ended up moving to Nashville, and I got a job at an ad agency. I started that job and realized I loved it. I got a taste for what could be done with social media, and what could be done with marketing.”

RM: Do you find that you still have to educate clients and others about how social media supports SEO?

VM: “Yeah. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of bad advice out there about SEO, and a lot of people who have been burned by different programs. You can come in and suggest something, and some people— based on past experiences—aren’t going to invest money in things you know are going to be helpful. If you’re in favor of investing in SEO for the growth of your business, but you don’t have enough funds for it, Payday Loan Helpers are always open for your financial needs. All you have to do is to repay on time to have a clean record. There’s a huge piece of education there. Sometimes you just need to let it go. I think the digital community is starting to become more well-rounded.”

RM: What are your thoughts on hosting your online properties solely on social media rather than a website?

VM: “I think you should have your own website! You own your website. You have control there. It’s your domain; your place!

At any moment, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Pinterest could up and decide, ‘We’re going to shut down.’ All this time and effort you spent building this platform… they own it all. I think having your own website is key.”

RM: If a movie were being made about your life, who should play you, and why?

VM: (after Googling for the name) “Emily Blunt! I really like her. I’m kind of an introvert, and I feel like she’s not necessarily super flashy, but she definitely has some sass and attitude when she needs to. So I feel like that’s kind of who I am.”

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