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paper in typewriter that says "crisis"

Why your business needs a crisis comms plan

You need a crisis comms plan that includes prepared statements for every one of your audiences, a playbook for what will happen when, and FAQs for everything you’re forgetting to think about.


WandaVision (2021)

Out of the clutches of a hex like no other, we’re glad to be back with this latest episode of UnpauseIt! We were mesmerized by the first show of the MCU’s Phase 4 and joined forces with a fellow family o’ geeks to bring you our thoughts – ALL of them!

screenshot of zoom attendees on video: Why Your Zoom Needs a Chat Stirrer by Really Social

Zooms Are ZZZZZZs Without a Chat Stirrer

Your Zoom has a high probability of being very boring or very uninteresting. Unless, that is, you’ve enlisted a Zoom Chat Stirrer to bring life into the learning!


Mulan (2020) via Disney+

Join us as we visit the legend of Mulan via the much-anticipated live action version; we dissect the production, the fighting, the acting, the comparisons, and provide the full spectrum of reactions from two sets of families.